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  • Ben Bacon

    Ben Bacon

    I’m a soft G like my dad’s Steve Wilhite.

  • the bkh

    the bkh

    Brian Kofi Hollingsworth Brand consultant

  • Bianca T.

    Bianca T.

    Amateur writer and animator. Amateur — derived from the Latin amator — “lover of. On topics of belonging, learning and eventually some hope.

  • Martijn Otter

    Martijn Otter

    Freelance UI & UX Designer

  • Christopher Davis

    Christopher Davis

    I like to design, write, cook and think about things.

  • Melanie Richards

    Melanie Richards

    Web designer / front-end developer on the Microsoft Edge browser platform team.

  • Viktor “Why?!” Jakobsen

    Viktor “Why?!” Jakobsen

    Hi, I’m Viktor and I’m trying to sniff out the best website building solution. I like websites but unfortunately websites hate me…

  • Brian Brooks

    Brian Brooks

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